Holiday Kit


The Holiday Kit has everything you need to take natural care of your skin whilst travelling.

  • 4-1 Sun Resque (SPF25) is a non-greasy sun gel that protects your skin against sun exposure, a natural insect repellent, a sun soother and a moisturiser.
  • 3 in 1 Gel contains no salt, colourants or synthetic fragrances which contribute to dryness,
    dandruff and eczema.
  • Skin Resque “Nature’s 911” has Tea Tree oil, Bulbinella frutescence, Centella Asiatica, and zinc lactate. This wound healing cream is a must-have household emergency product.
  • Muscle Resque contains Mustard, Arnica, Gotu Kula, Menthol, MSM, and Comfrey which reduce swelling, bruising, muscle pain and cramps.

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