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Kosher Skincare Products


All Herbafrique products are certified Kosher which means the products are prepared according to the strict laws required in terms of hygiene, cleanliness, and preparation.


What makes skincare products kosher? Here is a list of boxes that must be checked for Herbarfique’s Certified Kosher skincare product offering:

A higher standard of skincare formulation
• Animal cruelty free
• Free from any animal by-products
• No corn syrup
• No rye
• No wheat
• No oat
• No barley
• No alcohol

Herbafrique Natural Skincare products are for everyone and anyone who wants to look and feel beautiful on a clean conscience. Skincare products that are cruelty free and organic.

For any queries regarding our manufacturing process please email us on today.

To shop our fully certified Kosher skincare products browse the Herbafrique Online Shop

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