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Halal Skincare Products


At Herbafrique we know how seriously you take your buying choices. It is now more important than ever before to make conscious decisions when purchasing products of any kind. It is a human responsibility to ensure that you know not only what’s inside, but how it got there.

To make things easier we have put all the important buying information together for you so you can make your buying decisions with integrity.


All Herbafrique products are certified Halal and do not contain any materials considered to be ‘haram’ or forbidden under Islamic Shariah law.

Herbafrique Halal skincare products do not contain:
• No pork
• No dead animals
• No blood
• No alcohol
• No animals that are not slaughtered in the correct manner

Herbafrique Natural Skincare products are for everyone and anyone who wants to look and feel beautiful on a clean conscience. Skincare products that are cruelty free and organic.

For any queries regarding our manufacturing process please email us on today.

To shop our fully certified Halal skincare products browse the Herbafrique Online Shop

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